Session 1: Escape from Slavery

We found ourselves as part of a slave traders’ caravan. All our equipment had been confiscated. There were 26 slaves, including us. All of us were manacled to one long chain. What wold we do? Too much noise from an escape would alert the slavers. None of us knew each other. Shadowdale, a wizard among us, looked around to see how closely they’re watching the prisoners. They weren’t paying much heed.

I, Rowan Saris, a half-elf cleric, tried to brainstorm with the other prisoners to see how we could escape. Not a lot of options. We threw ideas back and forth unsuccessfully.

Suddenly the Orc Barbarian with us (Marl is his name) hurled himself into a rage and broke free of his chains. Instantly the guards noticed. I tried my Escape Artist skill, but I failed the my first attempt. (You know, low DEX score and all.) On my next attempt, I failed again, and the guards noticed me trying to escape, so they beat me unconscious. I should’ve just whistled and pretended not to know the barbarian.

Once the barbarian raged, the guards began running at us. Chrohn, a ranger among us, pulled the Escape Artist move and dashed over to a soldier on horseback. Then a gnome sorcerer in our midst used Magic Missile and succeeded with an instant kill. He was still stuck to the chain, though.

There was an elven ranger with us, too. Dalos they call him. He escaped successfully and sacrificed his standard action to dash over to a guard and draw the guard’s sword.

One of the archer guards shot arrows at Marl. One scored a critical hit.

I don’t recall much of what ensued. It all happened incredibly fast. Miraculously, we all came out alive. I used my local knowledge skill to determine that we weren’t enslaved legally. We all went about and retrieved our equipment.

Later we learned that the ranger Crohn killed the slave leader and took lots of gold. We looted a few other items off the guards as well. There was a group of human slaves with us, and we let them run off without a fight, much to Crohn’s frustration (he hates humans for some reason). We gathered together and decided to go to the nearest town, stick together as a group, and make some gold.

When we escaped, we had been walking through an open field fringed by forests. Using our local knowledge, we knew that not far from our location, through the woods, was a town called The Crossroads. We headed in that direction, arrived safely, and most of us turned in. I and a few others went to stay at the Golden Chalice, the most expensive inn in town. The wizard and the ranger went to buy weapons, while the orc went for booze and a booty call.

Currency in our game: dragons = gold, stags = silver, coppers = copper. There are 10 coppers to one silver, and 10 silver to one gold.



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